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Here’s what utilities have promised to deliver on renewables, emissions

LANSING, MI — “A Midwest Energy News review of investor-owned utilities in the region found three-quarters of them have made voluntary renewable or emission pledges that go above and beyond what’s required under state laws.

All but four of the 17 companies have set voluntary goals for renewables, emissions or both. Seven utilities have renewable energy targets, while 10 have made emission reduction pledges.

Here’s a summary of what the companies have promised to deliver in the decades ahead:

American Electric Power: The Ohio utility pledged last month to reduce carbon emissions 80 percent from 2000 levels by 2050. AEP says it has already cut emissions 44 percent since 2000, leading advocates concerned its pace will slow down in the coming decades. Ohio’s RPS calls for 12.5 percent renewables by 2027, which the company has already exceeded.

FirstEnergy: The Ohio company has set an “aggressive” goal to reduce its carbon emissions by at least 90 percent below 2005 levels by 2045. While it continues to pursue renewable sources, FirstEnergy and its subsidiary, FirstEnergy Solutions, have also been in a years-long battle to preserve its nuclear portfolio.”

— Andy Balaskovitz, Midwest Energy News

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