Freeze on Clean Energy

How did your legislator vote on HB 554?

Clean-energy standards would become optional for the next two years under HB 554 that passed the Ohio Senate late December 8 and then passed the House early December 9. Kasich has 10 working days to use his veto pen before the legislation automatically becomes law. Please call his office (614)466-3555 and urge him to veto HB554.

Click here to see how your state senator voted. Representatives’ votes are below.


Representative Party District # Vote
Rep. Ron Amstutz R HD 1 Yes
Rep.Niraj  Antani R HD 42 Yes
Rep. Nan A. Baker R HD 16 Yes
Rep. John Becker R HD 65 Yes
Rep. Louis Blessing R HD 29 Yes
Rep. Andrew Brenner R HD 67 Yes
Rep. Thomas Brinkman Jr. R HD 27 Yes
Rep. Jim Buchy R HD 84 Yes
Rep. Jim Butler R HD 41 Yes
Rep. Jack Cera D HD 96 Yes
Rep. Margaret Conditt R HD 52 Yes
Rep. Robert R. Cupp R HD 4 Yes
Rep. Anthony DeVitis R HD 36 Yes
Rep. Mike Dovilla R HD 7 Yes
Rep. Theresa Gavarone R HD 3 Yes
Rep. Timothy Ginter R HD 5 Yes
Rep. Anne Gonzales R HD 19 Yes
Rep. Wes Goodman R HD 87 Yes
Rep. Doug Green R HD 66 Yes
Rep. Christina Hagan R HD 50 Yes
Rep. Stephen Hambley R HD 69 Yes
Rep. Bill Hayes R HD 72 Yes
Rep. Michael Henne R HD 40 Yes
Rep. Brian Hill R HD 97 Yes
Rep. Ron Hood R HD 78 Yes
Rep. Stephen Huffman R HD 80 Yes
Rep. Candice Keller R HD 53 Yes
Rep. Kyle Koehler R HD 79 Yes
Rep. Stephanie Kunze R HD 24 Yes
Rep. Sarah LaTourette R HD 76 Yes
Rep. Al Landis R HD 98 Yes
Rep. Ron Maag R HD 62 Yes
Rep. Nathan Manning R HD 55 Yes
Rep. Robert McColley R HD 81 Yes
Rep. Derek Merrin R HD 47 Yes
Rep. Dorothy Pelanda R HD 86 Yes
Rep. Rick Perales R HD 73 Yes
Rep. Wes Retherford R HD 51 Yes
Rep. Jeffrey Rezabek R HD 43 Yes
Rep. Kristina Roegner R HD 37 Yes
Rep. Mark Romanchuk R HD 2 Yes
Rep. Margaret Ann Ruhl R HD 68 Yes
Rep. Scott Ryan R HD 71 Yes
Rep. Tim Schaffer R HD 77 Yes
Rep. Gary Scherer R HD 92 Yes
Rep. Kirk Schurring R HD 48 Yes
Rep. Marilyn Slaby R HD 38 Yes
Rep. Stephen Slesnick D HD 49 Yes
Rep. Ryan Smith R HD 93 Yes
Rep. Robert Sprague R HD 83 Yes
Rep. Louis Tehrar R HD 30 Yes
Rep.A. Nino Vitale R HD 85 Yes
Rep. Ron Young R HD 61 Yes
Rep. Paul Zeltwanger R HD 54 Yes
Rep. Cliff Rosenberger R HD 91 Yes
Rep. Nickie J. Antonio D HD 13 No
Rep. Steven Arndt R HD 89 No
Rep. Mike Ashford D HD 44 No
Rep. John Barnes Jr. D HD 12 No
Rep. Heather Bishoff D HD 20 No
Rep. John Boccieri D HD 59 No
Rep. Kristin Boggs D HD 18 No
Rep. Terry Boose R HD 57 No
Rep. Kevin Boyce D HD 25 No
Rep. Janine Boyd D HD 9 No
Rep. Tony Burkley R HD 82 No
Rep. Nicholas Celebreeze D HD 15 No
Rep. Kathleen Clyde D HD 75 No
Rep. Hearcel Craig D HD 26 No
Rep. Michael Curtin D HD 17 No
Rep. Bill Dean R HD 74 No
Rep. Denise Driehaus D HD 31 No
Rep. Mike Duffey R HD 21 No
Rep. Teresa Fedor D HD 45 No
Rep. Cheryl Grossman R HD 23 No
Rep. David Hall R HD 70 No
Rep. Stephanie Howse D HD 11 No
Rep. Greta Johnson D HD 35 No
Rep. Christie Kuhns D HD 32 No
Rep. David Leland D HD 22 No
Rep. Lepore Hagan D HD 58 No
Rep. Michael O’Brien D HD 64 No
Rep. Sean O’Brien D HD 63 No
Rep. Bill Patmon D HD 10 No
Rep. John Patterson D HD 99 No
Rep. Debbie Phillips D HD 94 No
Rep. Dan Ramos D HD 56 No
Rep. Alicia Reece D HD 33 No
Rep. Bill Reineke R HD 88 No
Rep. John Rogers D HD 60 No
Rep. Michael Sheehy D HD 46 No
Rep. Kent Smith D HD 8 No
Rep. Fred Strahorn D HD 39 No
Rep. Martin Sweeney D HD 14 No
Rep. Emilia Strong Sykes D HD 34 No
Rep. Andy Thompson R HD 95 No
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