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How do your state legislators stand on fracking?

Last spring, the Ohio legislature rushed through a bill that was supposed to keep Chesapeake Energy and other Oklahoma and Texas-based drilling companies from taking advantage of Ohioans in the rush to drill. After the drillers leave, we’ll still be here. We need regulations that make sure we’ll still have our health, our land and our drinking water. Neighbors need to know what chemicals the drillers are planning to use so they can support or oppose the original drilling permit, decide whether to move their family to a safer place, and know what chemicals to test their water for. The new law the legislature passed, S.B. 315, was everything that Chesapeake Energy wanted, and nothing like what Ohioans needed. The vote was 75-20 in the Ohio House and 21-8 in the Ohio Senate.

In February 2013, State Sen. Michael Skindell and State Rep. Robert Hagan introduced identical companion bills, S.B. 17 and H.B. 42, to fix the medical right-to-know and gag-order provisions in the new law.

The charts linked below give the votes on S.B. 315 and positions on the two bills to fix it.

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