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Huge proposed solar array at stake in PUCO case


Photo by Kathiann Kowalski / Midwest Energy News

Ohio regulators waiting to rule on the need for the largest-yet solar energy project proposed in the state. Photo by Kathiann Kowalski.

DAYTON — “If approved, the Highland solar farm would be the biggest such facility in Ohio.

‘Renewable energy is a good thing,’ said the consumers’ counsel’s brief filed Wednesday. ‘But AEP’s proposal to re-monopolize power plants in Ohio is an illegal thing. Under Ohio’s deregulation law, an AEP proposal to develop and charge monopoly customers to subsidize solar or any type of power plant would be unlawful unless customers need the power to keep the lights on.’

PUCO staff has found that AEP ‘has not demonstrated a need to construct any additional resources at this time.’

‘AEP’s 1.5 million customers do not need the power,’ the consumers’ counsel said.”

— By Thomas Gnau, Dayton Daily News

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