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IEEFA extra: Why coal bailouts won’t work

CLEVELAND — “‘Anyone who watches the energy markets knows the coal industry is in serious trouble. The political rhetoric around the energy markets is higher than it’s been for years, if not decades. The truth of the matter is that nothing can reverse the market forces that are pushing coal into further decline … there’s really no hope for any kind of long-term reverse of the industry’s decline, no matter what the coal industry or its allies in government would like people to believe.’

That’s the opening of an IEEFA webinar that went up this week on our YouTube channel, one in a series of IEEFA online data-driven presentations.

The speaker on this installment, David Schlissel, our director of resource planning analysis, proceeds from the forcible opening above into a devastating analysis that shows, slide by slide, the electricity-generation transition occurring nationally.

Schlissel emphasizes the market-driven nature of the change, explaining in no uncertain terms how it is creating winners and losers—and how the coal industry is not among the former.”

— Karl Cates, Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis

link to full commentary

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