Ohio Utility Bailouts

In America’s shale country, nukes and gas are duking it out

Drilling rig at Hendren Century Farms – Licking County, OH, USA

“A coalition of gas-fired power plant owners, manufactures and others have organized in Pennsylvania under the name Citizens Against Nuclear Bailouts to oppose the bill introduced this week by State Rep. Tom Mehaffie, a Republican whose district abuts Three Mile Island. A spokesman for the group, Steve Kratz, said any law favoring nuclear power over electricity from gas plants or other sources would undermine economic growth.

‘When policymakers start getting in and dictating that a certain amount of power has to come from a certain technology, it just completely destroys the competitive market,’ said Glen Thomas, a former Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission chairman.

In Ohio, a nuclear subsidy bill could put a $925 million project to build a gas plant in Lordstown at risk, said the developer, Clean Energy Future president William Siderewicz.

‘This is equivalent to trying to keep Blockbuster subsidized so it can complete against Netflix,’ he said in an interview.”

— Crain’s Cleveland Business 

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