Ohio Citizen Action

Introducing Maggie Center, Cincinnati staff director

Cincinnati staff director, Maggie Center.

CINCINNATI — We are so pleased to introduce our Cincinnati staff Director Maggie Center.

Maggie earned a bachelors degree in Human Development and Women’s studies from Colorado State. As part of her concentration on adolescent development she worked with at-risk teenage girls. This experience attracted her to the mission of The Blue Bench, where she began her canvassing career. Maggie says the work at the Blue Bench taught her the value of community organizing, “Every day I saw how much a need there was; how much fear there was. I saw that it was about giving people the opportunity to be involved and to believe in something outside of themselves.”

Maggie was born in Cincinnati, but grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She was an only child raised by a single mom. “My mom is a huge inspiration to me,” she continues, “My mom taught me to to trust my voice – that what I say and what I know matters and that I deserve to be heard. That carries into my canvassing — people just want to be heard.”

Maggie is thrilled to be getting back to defend her home state. When she visited our Cincinnati office in January for some training, she knew it was a good fit. “From the first couple of days I was there, I knew it was a campaign I wanted to be a part of. It directly affects the people that I love. There’s so much opportunity to build a better community. It allowed me to see myself as an activist.” She’s excited to be a part of Ohio Citizen Action’s fight to for fair electric rates and clean energy in Ohio.

Welcome, Maggie!