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It’s getting worse

CHESTER — “We have people and organizations that are trying to help us and get questions answered. But First Energy acts like we have no right to know what is going on. Evidently for many years they didn’t have to worry about what they were doing to us.

They bought Little Blue and in return we got the Blue Lagoon, as I nicknamed it and just keeps getting bigger. Now to find out it has been leaking into our wells, creeks, and making our land swampy and mold in our basements, who really knows what is in it? But one of the scariest things was coming home after dark and passing the Blue Lagoon and seeing the boats back there with all kinds of spot lights and stuff on them. It was like a scene out of a scary movie. So now what is this small neighborhood suppose to do, it really affects more than just us.

Don’t let it sneak up on you like it did me because I believed they were doing everything right. Don’t stay in the background, you need to attend the meetings and find out what really is going on and how it will affect you and your family.”

— Tonya Wiseman, letter to the Editor, East Liverpool Review

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