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Jessica Smith-Szabo to lead Cleveland field canvass for Ohio Citizen Action

Jessica Smith-Szabo

Jessica Smith-Szabo

CLEVELAND — On Monday, Jessica Smith-Szabo joined the staff of Ohio Citizen Action as Field Canvass Director. Recently married on September 27, Jessica is a dedicated canvasser from Clean Water Action in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Smith-Szabo grew up in Milan, Michigan the middle child of five. She studied at Central Michigan University and Washtenaw Community College. She started canvassing in May 2013 and fell in love with community organizing. “I feel very connected to to the people I am talking to at the doors, she says. “There’s a lot to be said for one on one contact – it’s not just a social media blast.”

Smith Szabo loves spending time with her two step children. She is an avid reader and enjoys riding her bike and kayaking.

She is thrilled to live in what she describes as “down-to-earth” Cleveland and is passionate about leadership. “Since my first day, I loved the work environment. I felt supported by funny, light hearted people. I knew this is where I wanted to be and that’s the kind of work environment I want to inspire. I want people to be on task, but excited about the work…to just have fun out there and win campaigns!”

— Angela Oster, Digital Communications Director,  Ohio Citizen Action