Judge upholds city curfew for solicitors

But he rules against Englewood’s licensing requirements in its ordinance


A federal judge, in a split decision, has upheld the city of Englewood's curfew but struck down other parts of the ordinance.

ENGLEWOOD — “A federal judge last week upheld the city’s 6 p.m. curfew on solicitors. ‘We are thrilled to win, that he supported a 6 o’clock curfew,’ City Manager Eric Smith said of U.S. District Judge Walker Rice’s Feb. 16 decision. ‘That’s an extremely important point that we prevailed on.’ The city did not, however, prevail on all its points in defense of a suit brought by Ohio Citizen Action. The judge did find portions of the city’s ordinance — requiring solicitors to get a copy of the city’s do-not-solicit list and the curfew — constitutional, while striking down some aspects of the do-not-solicit list and the licensing of solicitors. The latter, the city claimed, was needed to protect its citizens from fraud. Call it a split decision, ” Doug Page, Dayton Daily News.

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