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Kasich consistent in priorities, despite angering those beholden to coal, oil and gas

582f4142b3b4a-imageVetoes of fossil-fuel industry-friendly bill in line with gov’s fiscal policy

ATHENS — “We’ve reached a sorry pass in the state of Ohio when the only person in a position of power who’s holding back the forces and darkness and regression on the energy front is Gov. John Kasich.

This is the same John Kasich who has been the target of numerous critical comments in this column since he took office in 2011. Among them has been his use of regulatory agencies as cheerleaders and enablers of the industries they’re supposed to regulate, in particular petroleum and coal.

Yet, here in the third year of his second term in office, Kasich continues to diverge from the Republican Party line in Columbus, which rarely can be distinguished from that of the coal and oil and gas industries. While the Ohio Legislature is captive to the fossil-fuel industry, Kasich remains beholden to the more enduring and respectable conservative principles of responsible budget stewardship, lowering taxes, and removing impediments to job creation.

In effect, through pushing those priorities, Kasich has become an inadvertent friend of the environment and renewable energy in Ohio. No doubt he’ll abandon actions beneficial to those sectors when they diverge from his core priority of creating a healthy environment for business in Ohio and keeping taxes low for citizens and businesses.”

— editorial, The Athens News

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