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Kentucky regulators agreed coal ash rules were bad — In 2010

FRANKFORT, KY — “The Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection is moving forward with new regulations that weaken the state’s prior review of coal ash landfills. If they are enacted, there will be no comprehensive permitting process for the large-scale landfills that hold coal combustion waste near power plants.

Instead, utilities will apply for registered permits-by-rule — essentially simple documents that allow companies to construct landfills without consulting the state. Kentucky regulators could issue citations for any violations after the fact.

The proposal has drawn outrage from environmental groups and citizens, who are concerned about leaving complicated engineering projects in the hands of utility companies, with no prior state oversight.

Turns out, the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, circa 2010, thinks it’s a bad idea, too.

…Although the DEP’s 2010 letter was sent under the previous administration — that of Democratic Gov. Beshear — and the proposal is in the process of being finalized under current Republican Gov. Bevin, most of the players in the DEP have remained the same over the two administrations.

The process of rewriting the new regulations was also begun under the Beshear administration. The Department for Environmental Protection initially wrote one version of the regulation that maintained a permitting program. But the regulations that emerged after more than a year of meetings with utility industry representatives were less stringent.”

— Erica Peterson, WFPL

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