Kokosing – In my neighborhood, warm weather means “asphalt season”

Maple Heights resident Kathy Huck

MAPLE HEIGHTS — “My name is Kathy Huck, and I live on Forest Avenue, about half a block from the Kokosing asphalt plant.

As the nice weather approaches, most people are excited about the possibility of opening their windows and letting in the fresh air, having cook-outs, enjoying their yard, garden, and neighborhood, and just being outside. I also used to look forward to those things. Now, all that warm weather means in my neighborhood is ‘asphalt season.’ This means that I cannot open my windows or doors because there is no fresh air, only the smell, dirt and noise from the asphalt plant. I am unable to enjoy cooking out, working in my yard, or even sleeping with the windows open. The nightly ritual of trying to sleep with the sound of a back-up beeper, obviously above the level of the city noise ordinance, is something I deal with for spring, summer and into fall. Even with my windows closed, I can still hear the back-up beeper. Trying to get a ‘good night’s sleep’ is next to impossible.

I am a person who enjoys working in the garden. I have a vegetable garden in my yard, and many flower gardens. I am very concerned about the chemicals that the asphalt plant puts into the air. As we all know, what goes up must come down. And I fear what is coming down into the soil where I grow my vegetables. So, not only are we breathing the chemicals from the plant, but we are eating them as well.

This asphalt plant runs 24/7 during ‘asphalt season.’ There is no relief from the smell, dirt and noise. This is a residential neighborhood, and we should be entitled to enjoy that. I feel like I am no longer living in a residential area, but an industrial slum.

This plant has seriously affected my quality of life and enjoyment of my home and yard. It also has seriously affected my home value, as no one would want to buy my house due to the noxious smell, dirt and noise from the plant.”

— Kathy Huck, Maple Heights resident