Kokosing Materials – “Put yourself in my shoes”

Maple Heights resident Jane Hook

MAPLE HEIGHTS — “After my divorce five years ago I bought my house on Maple Ave. in Maple Heights.  At the time I paid about $65,000.  Everyone I knew thought I got a really great deal.  My 80 year old mother still lives on E.141 st. close to Granger, so it was nice to be able to live close to her.  Making a fresh start in the neighborhood I grew up in seemed like a logical thing to do.

But, since then things have gone down hill.  With the additional traffic in the truck yard and trains behind me the noise has increased.  My house now has a tilt to it.  I can only assume it is from all of the vibrations.  It is now referred to as the ‘leaning tower of Maple Heights’ by my friends.

In the past year or so, three houses near my home have sold for less than $15,000!  Now, Kokosing is trying to up the quantity of asphalt manufactured in the plant only a few houses away from me.

I love having my windows open when the weather permits, but the smell is so awful.  If their production increases i can’t imagine what that will be like.  I never thought I would live in one of those houses that turns black because of soot from a factory.  Now that may become reality.

Not to mention the health risks involved with living near an asphalt plant.  I am truly afraid of this.

With property values going down already, and if this asphalt production goes up the way they propose I will never be able to sell my home.

I would hope that someone at Kokosing would try and put themselves in my shoes.  All I want is to be able to come home after a day at work and relax in my yard with my dogs, have cookouts with friends, and sleep with the windows open.  And, not have to worry about the quality of air that i am breathing.”

— Jane Hook, Maple Heights resident