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Kroger should stop selling canned goods with toxic chemicals in the linings, UC Professor Heather Zoller says

Dr. Heather Zoller

Dr. Heather Zoller

CINCINNATI — “As the largest grocery chain in the U.S., Kroger has the market power to have toxic chemicals like BPA removed from food packaging and products sold in its stores. To its credit, Kroger has recognized this is a problem and pledged action on BPA. Five years ago, Kroger announced it would work to get BPA out of its food packaging. But an independent investigation this year found BPA in 62 percent of sampled generic or private label foods. Even worse, the investigation found that Kroger’s suppliers appear to be replacing BPA with substitutes that also pose unnecessary toxic hazards, like vinyl.

Kroger can do better. Following through on its promise would represent a win-win strategy for Kroger and its customers. Consumers are increasingly concerned about toxic chemicals in their food. For the second year in a row, more than a third of consumers participating in the annual International Food Information Council survey rated chemicals in food as their most important food safety issue. The survey found these concerns are also being felt in the marketplace: 40 percent of consumers who stated that chemicals were of great concern to them reported changing their eating habits.

We know the slogan: ‘Right Store, Right Price.’ Now it is time for Kroger to do the right thing and lead the effort to remove BPA from cans so all of our families can stop worrying and eat safely.”

— Heather Zoller, letter to the editor, Cincinnati Enquirer

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Heather Zoller is a professor of communications at the University of Cincinnati and serves on the board of directors of Ohio Citizen Action.