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Lawmakers pressed to ease restrictions on wind-turbine locations

Wind turbines in Van Wert (Credit: Columbus Dispatch).

COLUMBUS — “Wind-energy advocates are pushing hard this week to get Ohio lawmakers to revise a three-year-old rule that put new restrictions on where wind turbines can be placed.

The proposal is in the form of an amendment to the state budget, submitted by Sen. Cliff Hite, R-Findlay, whose district includes several large wind farms.

Senate leaders could decide as soon as this weekend whether to include the provision, which is supported by major employers such as Amazon. Opponents of the proposal, including some key lawmakers, say it would interfere with property rights of people who live near wind farms.

Hite says his plan is a compromise, which allows more turbines than the 2014 law but does not allow as many as the rules that existed before then.

‘The idea of the compromise was that it would be — please forgive me for saying it this way — a ‘win-wind,’’ he said.”

— Dan Gearino, Columbus Dispatch

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