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LEEDCo wind turbine application complete, says Ohio Power Siting Board

Fred. Olsen Renewables of Norway, commissioned this crane and drilling barge in 2015 to take core samples of the lake bottom about 8 to 10 miles offshore for the proposed Icebreaker Windpower project. The Ohio Power Siting Board has now accepted Icebreaker’s application after holding it up in April for not including enough information about how it would monitor the impact of the project on bird, bats and aquatic life. (John Funk/Plain Dealer file photo)

CLEVELAND —  “The siting board held up Icebreaker’s application in April after determining that the company had not fully explained its plans to monitor the impact of the construction of  the project on birds and bats and on fisheries and aquatic life.

Since then Icebreaker has negotiated and signed agreements with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to monitor the impact of the project on birds, bats, fish and other aquatic life before, during and after construction of the wind farm. Icebreaker filed those details with the siting board about 10 days ago.

Once the siting board’s evaluation officially begins, the board will set a public hearing 60 to 90 days in the future and the staff will begin its evaluation, which could include requests for more information and documents. There will be a public hearing in Cleveland and at least one or more administrative hearings in Columbus. In other words, the process will move much like a utility rate case. Objectors can officially intervene. Anyone can submit letters both for and against the project.

Construction is now expected to begin in 2019 rather than the summer of 2018.”

— John Funk, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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