FirstEnergy / Nuclear Energy / Ohio Utility Bailouts

Legislators miss utility’s deadline for nuke plants bailout

COLUMBUS — “The Senate panel convened briefly to consider two of 57 amendments proposed for the controversial bill. The committee then recessed for several hours to allow staff to review the dozens of other amendments, before quietly adjourning early Saturday evening with no further action.

‘I’m not going to move forward with these amendments until I know what effect each amendment will have on ratepayers,’ said committee Chairman Steve Wilson, R-Maineville.

FirstEnergy continued to say it must have the bill passed by Sunday, he said. ‘I would rather get it right, and not have some unintended effect on ratepayers, than to hit some artificial deadline,’ Wilson said.

Householder said Friday that senators had not approached those who sponsored the House version to see what revisions would be acceptable to avoid a time-consuming conference committee.

Obhof said he is not so sure Sunday’s deadline was hard-and-fast.”

— Darrel Rowland, Randy Ludlow, Columbus Dispatch

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