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Less than a week to comment on incinerator air pollution permit

CLEVELAND — Next Thursday, February 23, is the deadline for public comments on Ohio EPA’s proposed air pollution permit for an incinerator at the Ridge Road Transfer Station.  If you haven’t already, please send your comments to David Hearne, Cleveland Division of Air Quality,  Department of Public Health, 75 Erieview Plaza, Suite 200, Cleveland, Ohio  44114 or email them to Comments must be sent (postmarked if mailed) by February 23.

Comments are best when written in your own words and from your own experience. They do not need to be any specific length.
  • Cuyahoga County does not need a new source of air pollution, particularly for lead, mercury, and soot. This incinerator would be placed in a community that is already suffering from an unfair burden of pollution and other health problems, and no new pollution sources should be added.
  • The City appears to have submitted a “sham permit,” meaning they are artificially adjusting their pollution numbers downward to avoid complying with tougher pollution regulations. If this facility were to run at 100%, rather than the 72% listed in the permit, it would trigger stricter air pollution enforcement and regulations.
  • The City has no basis to assume that the technology provided by Kinsei-Sangyo is the “best available technology,” and so the permit should be rejected.
  • The City has no basis for classifying this facility as a “gasifier” rather than “incinerator,” except for wanting to avoid stricter EPA regulations.
Please join us for a campaign planning meeting this coming Tuesday, February 21, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at the Neighborhood Family Practice community meeting room, 3569 Ridge Rd, Cleveland (at the corner of Ridge and Denison, next to Dave’s Mercado).  We will talk about next phases in the campaign, now that the hearings are over, and take some time to write out comments on the permit.

Nathan Rutz, Cleveland Campaign Organizer, Ohio Citizen Action

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