Ohio Citizen Action

Looking for a green job in Ohio this summer?

CINCINNATI — When I answered an ad for a job at Ohio Citizen Action nearly seven years ago, I did so because I cared about environmental issues and wanted to do something meaningful with my time, rather than work only to get a paycheck. I could see from my first day on the job that this was going to be the right place for me.

Now, as staff director, one of my favorite things is that I get to train new staff from all different backgrounds.  I stay because I have seen lives changed by the work we have done as a team.  We’re now recruiting full-time and part-time paid campaign staff members to work in our offices in Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. To be accepted for an internship or job, all you’ll need are good communication skills and a drive to make positive change for your community.

Ohio is #1 in the nation for toxic air pollution, largely due to our reliance on aging coal-fired power plants.  Ohio Citizen Action is taking on the biggest utilities in the country- Duke Energy, First Energy, and American Electric Power – and urging them to shut down the oldest and dirtiest coal plants in Ohio. The next few years are crucial, because our utility companies are making decisions on how they are going to meet electricity demand in the future. It’s time for them to invest in cleaner and cheaper forms of electric generation.
I now have two young boys and have realized that the impact we make has become not just a matter of professional successes, but an imperative for the health and well-being of my family. Also, I want my boys to grow up knowing that I stand up for what’s right, so that they will too.
—  Alison Auciello, Staff Director, Ohio Citizen Action