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Make AEP pay now, PUCO told

Advocate wants $175 million rate reduction, or refund

COLUMBUS — “If the choice is pay me now or pay me later, American Electric Power customers should get immediate rate relief, the Ohio Consumers’ Counsel told state regulators yesterday.

In a filing with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the Consumers’ Counsel said AEP customers should see a $175 million reduction in rates questioned last week in a ruling by the Ohio Supreme Court. The alternatives would be making rates subject to refund or putting them in escrow.

The counsel estimated the questioned rates for Columbus Southern Power residential customers who use 750 kilowatt-hours of electricity would result in a $5.56 reduction per month. Ohio Power residential customers with the same electricity consumption would see rate reductions of $5.05 per month. Both companies are AEP affiliates.

The $175 million is the amount customers would pay for the remaining nine months the challenged rates are in effect.”

— Alan Johnson, Columbus Dispatch

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