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Map shows political divide on climate, common ground on clean energy

The darker orange areas in this map reflect majority Republican support for government funding of renewable energy research.

NEW HAVEN, CT — “A majority of both Republicans and Democrats throughout Ohio favor clean energy policies, such as regulating carbon dioxide emissions as a pollutant and more government funding for renewable energy, according to a new interactive map.

Moreover, people would favor those policies despite substantial divides on acceptance of climate change science and perceptions of risk from climate change impacts, said Anthony Leiserowitz at the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, which released the map last week.

The map presents survey results at the national, state, and congressional district scales. Leiserowitz and his colleagues reported on the work that produced the map in the December issue of Climatic Change.

The new map could be a tool for groups working on the ground for policies to address climate change and support for clean energy, Leiserowitz notes. “The whole point of politics is [to] find policies that very different types of people can come to support for very different reasons,” he said.

The data also shed light on public opinion as Ohio’s General Assembly continues to debate bills, ranging from subsidies for coal and nuclear plants to once again revisiting the state’s clean energy standards.”

— Kathiann M Kowalski, Midwest Energy News

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