Massive fish kills lure call for action

OREGON — “A recent analysis by consulting firm Tetra Tech Inc. performed for the Ohio EPA estimates the plant in the Toledo suburb of Oregon kills 46 million fish per year that are caught in the plant’s cooling-water screens. That includes tens of thousands of walleye and perch.

In addition, an estimated 14 million juvenile fish and more than 2 billion larval fish are killed annually by passing through intake screens and going through equipment in the power plant, according to the analysis.

That means that the Bay Shore plant kills 126,000 fish per day on screens and 6 million fish per day that pass through screens, the eco-groups said in a teleconference that repeats charges made by the groups a year earlier.

The fish kill total is the worst in Ohio and one of the biggest around the country, said activist Sandy Bihn of the Western Lake Erie Waterkeeper Association.”

— Bob Downing, Akron Beacon Journal

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