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Melissa English testimony on HB 6 to the House Energy and Natural Resources subcommittee, April 23, 2019

COLUMBUS — “How do we know this is enough of a subsidy to keep the bankrupt plants open at all? In sponsor testimony, our opposition stated flatly that they have “no idea’ if this will save the plants, but that it will ‘help.’ Ohio utility customers deserve more certainty before lawmakers allow FirstEnergy to raid their wallets again.

Furthermore, how did the authors of HB 6 arrive at the $300 million annual subsidy in the first place? Did the figure come from FirstEnergy Solutions? Until FES opens its books to public scrutiny, how can anyone assess the necessity of the new charges? Inexplicably, the bill’s sponsors were unable to answer this fundamental question in their testimony and we have yet to hear the explanation.

We especially question how the noble goals of lower bills and reduced emissions will be met by defunding existing programs that have been very effective in promoting clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency.”

— Melissa English, Deputy Director, Ohio Citizen Action

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