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More evidence that Sen. Byrd sees the writing on the wall for coal

Sen. Robert Byrd

SEATTLE, WA — “Last Friday, the EPA took a significant step toward blocking a Clean Water Act permit for Arch Coal’s Spruce Mine, the largest proposed mountaintop-removal coal mine in West Virginia history. It’s a big deal.

I just wanted to highlight the reactions of West Virginia legislators… Now, here’s Sen. Robert Byrd (D):

The announcement by the EPA today of its Proposed Determination to exercise its veto authority over the Spruce #1 Mine permit begins a process that enables the company and the public to comment on the matter in writing and at public hearings. I would strongly encourage all parties to seek a balanced, fair, reasonable compromise.

What makes Byrd’s measured, conciliatory statement so remarkable is not just its contrast with the other three reactions but its contrast with a long career spent fervently defending the coal industry against any regulation or restraint.”

— David Roberts, Grist

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