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More odor complaints

COLUMBUS— “An East Side refinery with a history of foul odors was once again the subject of neighbors’ complaints today.

Inspectors from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agencytraveled to Heartland Petroleum’s used oil recycling operation, at 4001 E. 5th Ave, after it received four odor complaints, said Erin Strouse, an agency spokeswoman.

Unlike other episodes, Strouse said these odors were released as the refinery started up a new pollution filter, which she described as a ‘continuous steam cleaning system.’  Strouse said the company had sent emails Wednesday to the EPA and its neighbors warning that “some fumes” might escape during startup operations.

Complaints of ‘rotten egg’ and ‘burned rubber’ odors have plagued the plant since it opened in 2009. Heartland cleans used motor oil so that it can be reused. It shut down for about a month in November and December to add odor-reducing pollution filters.”

— Spencer Hunt, The Columbus Dispatch

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