Mountaintop Removal

Music for the Mountains 2 CD available for purchase

23 unique tracks not available anywhere else


List of tracks for the “Music for the Mountains 2” compilation CD

01 Traditional Fiddle Tune #1 – Uncle Mike Carr
02 Gospel Plow – The Tillers
03 Coal – The Bear
04 Appalachian Home – Magnolia Mountain
05 Sowing on the Mountain – Rabbit Hash String Band
06 Mountain That Eats Men – Red Cedars
07 Prayer (Mountain Remix) – The Kentucky Struts
08 Raining on the Mountain – Jake Speed and the Freddies
09 Quicksand – 10 String Symphony
10 Cotton Eyed Joe – Uncle Mike Carr
11 Blue Ridge Mountain Square Dance – Tex Schramm & the Radio King Cowboys
12 Memory of a Mountain – Ma Crow and the Lady Slippers
13 Mister Peabody Struck Again – Wonky Tonk
14 Where the Bitternut Fell – Jeff Scott Roberson
15 If a Mountain Could Speak – Janet Pressley
16 Elisha – The Mitchells
17 Go On, Buddy – Billy Two Shoes
18 Now is the Cool of the Day – Susan Pepper
19 Farther Still – Margaret Darling
20 Little Country Cabin – Jean Dowell with Mike Oberst
21 My Mountaintop Home – Kentucky Timbre
22 There on That Mountain – Terminal Union
23 Traditional Fiddle Tune #2 – Uncle Mike Carr

“Music for the Mountains 2” is compilation CD that provides a perfect snapshot of the state of Greater Cincinnati’s Roots music scene circa 2013. It shows this area’s Americana scene is on par with any other city’s, except maybe Nashville, Tenn., and a town or two in Texas. And even then, it’s close.

— Mike Breen, Cincinnati City Beat

$15 includes shipping