Ohio Citizen Action

Ohio Citizen Action Board of Directors – Nancy Sullivan

“I bring a strong interest in environmental issues and the democratic action necessary to change systems responsible for pollution and environmental degradation.”
CINCINNATI — Nancy has long been active on local, national and international issues. Her varied interests include community supported agriculture, immigrants’ rights, clean energy, mountaintop removal and labor issues. Now retired, Ms. Sullivan has taught for the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio and held marketing and development positions for non-profits and for profit companies.

In addition to Ohio Citizen Action, she also serves on the boards of Community Shares of Greater Cincinnati, Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage, Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council and Cincinnati Urban Agriculture Advisory Board.

She lives with her family, chickens and ducks in the Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage in Cincinnati’s Price Hill neighborhood. “I think that Ohio Citizen Action’s ‘good neighbor’ campaigns are really effective at getting thousands of people to focus on environmental concerns which have a serious impact on specific communities or the region. The canvass efforts help educate citizens about issues about which they would otherwise be unaware. I really admire the kind of research that goes into a successful good neighbor campaign. Ohio Citizen Action is also the only organization in the state ‘following the money’, vital to our democracy.”

Nancy Sullivan transformed her life in Price Hill, works now to transform Price Hill itself

— article in Soapbox Cincinnati, April 5, 2016