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Natural gas industry gains steam

The Davis-Besse nuclear plant on Lake Erie east of Toledo.

Coal, nuclear plants are no longer competitive in Ohio

TOLEDO —  “During his address to Congress last week, President Trump repeated his campaign promises about restoring the U.S. coal industry to its former prominence.

But an electronic map that can pinpoint every Ohio power plant fueled by either natural gas or coal makes it clear that the future of coal is dim and the future of natural gas is bright.

Ohio has 15 coal plants capable of producing 15,322 megawatts of electricity, according to the map on the website of the U.S. Energy Information Administration. There are 33 plants in Ohio using natural gas-fired plants producing electricity. They produce 9,449 megawatts, as many were built to serve limited areas or used only at times of peak demand.

…A conventional coal plant spends $95.10 to produce a megawatt-hour of power — which can power 1,000 homes. A conventional natural gas plant with combined cycle turbines can do it for $75.20, according to a government analysis. A nuclear plant spends $95.20, a hydroelectric plant $83.50.”

— Jon Chavez, Toledo Blade

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