New plant powers talks

WAPAKONETA — AMP is attempting to contract the sale of 707 megawatts of power produced by the Fremont Energy Center, selling the power to AMP members and non-members. Columbus was expected to purchase 100 megawatts, but that deal may have fallen apart thus jeopardizing the purchase and operation of the center.
If contracts are not reached to purchase enough power from the plant, the city likely would not owe anything through this contract.
The Fremont Energy Center replaces the AMP-GS plant, a coal-fired plant, which ran into cost overruns and permit problems early in construction.

Safety-Service Director Bill Rains said AMP officials tried to sell the city of Wapakoneta 17 megawatts of power, but city administrators balked. AMP tried to sell the city 13 megawatts, then 7 megawatts before settling on 3 megawatts of power.

The city uses approximately 30-32 megawatts of power an hour during a typical day and peaks at 38 megawatts per hour during a peak period in the summer.
Rains explained the city is paying on the AMP-GS project because land was purchased, engineering for the project was completed and for legal fees because of a civil lawsuit with the contractor.

— William Laney, Wapakoneta Daily News.

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