Energy / Freeze on Clean Energy

News that solar jobs are up in Ohio comes as bill weakening clean energy progresses

COLUMBUS — “The Ohio House Public Utilities Committee is considering House Bill 114, which would turn requirements for renewable energy into optional goals. This would be a change to a 2008 law that say electricity utilities must make annual investments in clean-energy programs and technologies.

The committee is scheduled for vote on the measure on Wednesday, and it would then head to the House floor for an expected passage.

The solar advocates said they are holding out hope that the Ohio Senate will make substantial changes to the bill or not pass it at all.

If a measure passes the House and Senate, it goes to Gov. John Kasich, who has said he is likely to veto, continuing the opposition he showed to a similar bill just a few months ago.

The continuing push to weaken the standards has led companies to choose to spend money in other states that have more certainty about the rules, the clean-energy advocates said.”

— Dan Gearino, Columbus Dispatch

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