Coal / Prairie State Coal Plant

No-coal choice saved money

YELLOW SPRINGS —”The Village’s decision five years ago against investing in a 1,600-megawatt coal-fired power plant in Illinois may have spared its electric customers from decades of high utility bills.

According to an article in the Columbus Dispatch last week, construction cost overruns at the $5 billion Prairie State Energy Campus will lead to electricity rates at least 25 percent higher than the market for the communities who signed up.

…Sandy Buchanan, executive director of Ohio Citizen Action, praised Yellow Springs for its decisions.

‘It’s very clear that the decisions that Yellow Springs made not to participate in the Meigs County and Prairie State plants paid off both environmentally and clearly economically,’ Buchanan said last week.

Previously, Buchanan credited the village with sparking the statewide citizens movement against the Meigs plant. Following Yellow Springs’ decision, the cities of Oberlin and Westerville also rejected proposals to invest.”

— Megan Bachman, Yellow Springs News

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