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Northstar 1 well remains idle with no plans for site


Photo by Robert K. Yosay
An old pile of tires and a chain-link fence block the entrance to the site of the Northstar 1 injection well in Youngstown, where storage tanks have started to rust. Its idleness has prompted 4th Ward Youngstown City Councilman Mike Ray to ask state officials about what is being planned at the site.

YOUNGSTOWN — “Nearly two years after the Northstar 1 injection well on the city’s West Side ceased operations and a little more than five months after its owner, Ben W. Lupo, was charged with violating the Clean Water Act, the site remains shuttered and unattended.

The Northstar 1 well was ordered closed by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources in 2011 after a series of earthquakes — one of which measured at a magnitude of 4.0 — were triggered nearby.

In 2012, ODNR released a report that strongly suggested the well played a part in those quakes after it was learned that operators drilled too deeply into a layer of basement rock known as the Precambrian 9,000 feet below the earth’s surface.”

— Jamison Cocklin, Youngstown Vindicator

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