NRC to FirstEnergy: Tell us why Davis-Besse will be safe

PORT CLINTON — “The Nuclear Regulatory Commission wants to know why FirstEnergy Corp. thinks Davis-Besse will be safe after repairs now underway are completed…

In March, inspectors found evidence of radioactive coolant leakage on the top of the reactor’s lid.

Subsequent ultrasonic and other electronic inspections of the 69 “nozzles” or tubes that carry the reactor’s control rods through the heavy steel lid revealed cracks in 24 nozzles, which are made of an alloy that is rust-resistant.

The cracks are the same sort of defects that led to massive corrosion of Davis-Besse’s original reactor lid.

Discovered in 2002 after years of unnoticed leaking, the cracks had allowed radioactive coolant to eat a pineapple-sized hole in the original lid, taking the reactor to within 60 days of catastrophic failure, according to the NRC,”

— John Funk, Cleveland Plain Dealer

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