Nuclear Regulatory Commission worker questioned its oversight of Davis Besse

OAK HARBOR — “The Nuclear Regulatory Commission yesterday released internal records that show one of its senior employees filed a pair of complaints questioning the agency’s own diligence in obtaining Davis-Besse documents from FirstEnergy Corp. in 2005 and 2007…

Jim Gavula, an NRC employee for 24 years who now helps the agency review technical documents, filed the complaints as a senior reactor inspector in 2006 and 2008. Such records, often kept secret, were authorized by Mr. Gavula to be made public.

He told The Blade yesterday he still questions if FirstEnergy has learned its lesson for withholding vital information about the plant’s operating status in the fall of 2001, when government regulators at the NRC’s headquarters nearly executed a rare shutdown order because they thought the plant might have been operating in a dangerous condition.”

— Tom Henry, Toledo Blade

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