Nuclear Energy

Nuclear subsidies still on the table in Pennsylvania

The Three Mile Island nuclear power plant. photo: United States Department of Energy

“After four public hearings and testimony from dozens of experts across the utility sector over the last six weeks, Committee Majority Chairman Brad Roae (R) said the legislature must carefully weigh the complexity of the proposal and lamented that no action they could take would save TMI. (See Pa. Lawmaker Contends TMI Rescue Unlikely.)

‘Work continues on the bill,’ Straub said. ‘Our caucus wasn’t able to reach a consensus on it yet, and I think that speaks for itself.’

Republicans hold a 109-93 edge in the House of Representatives and 26-22 margin in the Senate — where the Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure Committee considered a very similar bill with a smaller, but still significant, carve-out for nuclear energy. (See Pa. Lawmakers Introduce 2nd Nuke Subsidy Bill.)

‘We haven’t discussed it yet,’ said Jennifer Kocher, spokesperson for the Senate Republican Caucus. ‘It might be something members will want to take another look at, but we haven’t had those conversations yet.’

Straub and Kocher both said it’s too soon to know how much the issue will play into upcoming budget negotiations as lawmakers ready a bill ahead of the June 30 deadline. It’s typical for prominent policy issues to wind up written into one of the legislature’s various code bills passed each year, but Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa (D) doesn’t think updating the AEPS to include nuclear will be one of them.”

— Christen Smith, RTO Insider

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