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Nuke plants seeking $150 million annual bailout not interested in verifying need

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COLUMBUS — “Nuclear power plants purchase fuel every 18-24 months. It just so happens one of the two plants in question is about to reach that point.

The Davis-Besse plant is scheduled to make a purchase around July 1, 2019 because its fuel will run out in February 2020.

It takes roughly 8 months to build custom refueling materials. These materials are plant specific and cannot be used in any other plant, as they are unique.

The cost to refuel the plant is around $50,000,000.

The investors in the Davis-Besse plant don’t want to continue to take a loss, since the plant is supposedly a loser financially; and they don’t want to spend $50 million to run the plant at a loss for an additional 18 months if they don’t have to.

If they don’t get what they want, which is a commitment of at least $150 million in subsidies annually to make the plant profitable, they are simply not going to buy more fuel.

That means the plant will need to immediately begin the process of shutting down permanently.

Once a plant is shut down, by law, it cannot restart.

Davis-Besse would be shut down in 2020, and the Perry plant would follow the following year in 2021.

But the wrinkle is, some have reason to believe the plants themselves may be profitable already.

Now lawmakers are stuck with a choice to make, and some of them want to make sure the plants really are unprofitable before they start slashing the energy efficiency standards and bailing out nuclear power plants to the tune of $150 million.”

— Ohio Statehouse Newsroom, NBC4Columbus 

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