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NW Ohio leaders urge legislature to undo wind-turbine restrictions

COLUMBUS — “Overly restrictive rules on wind-turbine placement have put billions of dollars of investment on hold, say government leaders from northwestern Ohio, who want to see the rules changed.

The local-government officials teamed up with a wind-energy trade group today to call for the Ohio General Assembly to undo the restrictions that were put in place three years ago.

…The limits on turbine placement were changed in 2014 in a way that allows fewer turbines in a project area. The revision, which was inserted into an unrelated bill, was in response to some residents who had concerns about turbines being built close to their property.

This is a big issue in northwestern Ohio, which has the strongest wind resources. The region has several wind farms, but officials say additional investment is being stymied by the state rules.”

— Dan Gearing, Columbus Dispatch

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