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Obama’s $11 billion rule roils Democrats who see lost jobs

Columbus-based American Electric Power, a supporter of Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, announced that if the Environmental Protection Agency's rule goes forward as planned it will mean it must close parts or all of 11 power plants, representing 6,000 megawatts of power. Photo: American Electric Power

WASHINGTON, DC — “[U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio] is taking a cautious approach. He said in an interview Nov. 7 that he is waiting for the Environmental Protection Agency to issue its final rules next month before taking a position. He said that will allow him to consult with scientists and other experts before making a decision. . . .The Senate may put Brown in the position of casting a vote soon. Republican Dan Coats of Indiana and Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia introduced Senate legislation today that would delay the EPA’s coal regulations until 2017, a measure that’s aimed at attracting a bipartisan group of lawmakers such as Brown.

— Mark Drajem and Mark Niquette, Bloomberg News

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