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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine – “Rumpke [landfill] should not be considered a public utility”

Attorney General Mike DeWine

COLUMBUS — “Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine filed a friend-of-the-court brief recently on behalf of Colerain Township, in their final appeal of the decision to declare the Rumpke Sanitary Landfill a public utility and allow its expansion. The brief was filed with the Ohio Supreme Court on October 11 and challenges Rumpke’s assertion that they provide a service that the public has a legal right to demand. Mr. DeWine further asserts that Rumpke should not be considered a public utility because no legal mechanism exists to ensure that Rumpke will provide services reasonably and without discrimination, pointing out that they could close the landfill at any time and customers would have no recourse . He advised the court to reverse the public utility decision “and rule that the permitting, licensing, and locating of solid waste facilities requires both State and local oversight.”

Melissa English, Development Director, Ohio Citizen Action.

Read the Attorney General’s brief