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Ohio budget amendments: another utility ‘bailout’ and a rollback of wind setbacks

The Ohio Statehouse (Credit: Tlarrow/Creative Commons)

COLUMBUS — “Ohio’s budget bill reported out of the Senate Finance Committee Tuesday comes with an amendment that would expressly authorize extra charges to ratepayers to support utilities’ financial health. Meanwhile, another amendment would relax the tripled wind turbine setbacks that were included at the last minute in a 2014 budget bill.

Ohio House Bill 49 could head to the Ohio Senate floor as early as today. The amendment to bolster utilities’ credit ratings has gotten a chorus of criticism from groups that have opposed various other ‘bailout’ proposals.

…Meanwhile, a separate amendment reported out of committee, SC-4927-1, would undo most of the changes made three years ago when a last-minute budget bill amendment tripled the property line setbacks for wind turbines on commercial wind farms.

The amendment would drop the 2014 provision requiring measurement of the longest setback from the property line, which, in Ohio, is often a farm field.”

— Kathiann M. Kowalski, Midwest Energy News

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