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Ohio cities stuck with Illinois power

Report: Through 2025, those with a stake in coal-fired plant will pay above-market prices

COLUMBUS — “Environmentalists have been critical of Prairie State because it uses coal at a time when the electric-power industry is moving toward more use of natural gas and renewable energy. The Energy Information Administration reports that Prairie State is the only new coal plant in the country to come online this year.

The plant was started by Peabody Energy, a coal company, which then sold nearly all of its interest to municipal-power companies in several Midwestern states. AMP, which provides power to city-owned utilities, owns the largest share.

In Ohio, the 12 communities with the largest investments in Prairie State will pay a premium of $135 million, the report says.”

— Dan Gearino, Columbus Dispatch

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Galion’s electric deal may cost city millions

— Kimberly Gasuras, Mansfield News Journal