Ohio Citizen Action

Ohio Citizen Action Board of Directors – Barbara Wood

COLUMBUS — Barbara Wood first became involved with Ohio Citizen Action when she was active in a good neighbor campaign with Georgia Pacific to close their waste pit and reduce pollution in the Southfield/Marion Franklin neighborhood of Columbus.  She found the organizational mission to work with communities at the grassroots on local pollution problems compelling enough to join the board.

“I have lived on the Southside – Marion Franklin Area, since 1968 when I emigrated from Great Britain. At that time, the area was called Southfield Gardens and businesses providing services included the Busy Bee Market, Boyd’s Barber Shop, The Drug Store, Sill’s Ball Park (the Little League baseball field), two Laundromats, two or three gasoline stations. Many changes have taken place over the past 40 years. Most significantly has been the unhealthy environment created by the pollution from the ever increasing industrial sites. The residential areas are hemmed in by ‘M’ zoning districts, industrial sites and railroads. In spite of the challenges, I continue to remain optimistic and energized as many positive activities are underway.”

Barbara’s long career in healthcare led to her service on several boards and membership in groups as diverse as the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the Humane Society. She is also active in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the inner city and preventing elder mistreatment and abuse.