Ohio Citizen Action

Ohio Citizen Action closes Money in Politics Project after 18 years

CLEVELAND – Sandy Buchanan, Ohio Citizen Action Executive Director, announced today that the organization had closed its Money in Politics Project after 18 years.

Buchanan said, “The Money in Politics Project has been the authoritative source for data and analysis of the role of big money in Ohio politics.

In 1999, it won a multi-year campaign to enact electronic reporting of campaign contributions in Ohio.  Since then, it has published dozens of studies on the role of money in Ohio politics, assisting reporters in uncovering the spider webs of campaign contributions, and supporting key legislation to reform Ohio’s election and campaign finance laws.”

“The organization is now strengthening its focus on pollution — coal, fracking, and alternatives to the proposed Cleveland incinerator. We’ve just had a string of victories, on Baard Energy, Cincinnati electric aggregation, the Englewood canvassing case and FirstEnergy’s four Lake Erie coal plants. We want to keep the victories coming. The more focused you are, the more likely you are to succeed.”

“Of course, political corruption is part of most pollution issues. We’ll still be wrestling with money in politics, but on a campaign by campaign basis, not as a separate project.”

Citizen Action ends “Money in Politics”

— Jim Siegel, Columbus Dispatch

Money in Politics project ends after 18 years

— Paul Kostyu, Cincinnati Enquirer

Money in Politics Project shuts down

— Lynn Hulsey, Dayton Daily News