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Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund Board of Directors – Mark Carper

Mark Carper

Mark Carper

CINCINNATI — Mark Carper holds a PhD in Geography and is currently studying community planning at the University of Cincinnati. A true “life-long learner”, Mark is a Fulbright Scholar, has studied energy management and socioecology,  and has traveled to Bulgaria, Sweden, Russia, and the Republic of Georgia. He has served as an assistant professor both at the Northeastern State University in Oklahoma and  the University of Alaska Anchorage.

His interests include sustainable system design, issues of food sovereignty, and Transition Town, which carries “a belief that, rather than waiting for governments to find all the answers or for individuals to act on a large enough scale, communities can be a catalyst for the societal redesign required to respond to the coming end of cheap oil.”

Mark is a community partner in the Eco Village in Cincinnati’s Price Hill neighborhood. He was invited to the Board of Ohio Citizen Action Education Fund by his friend and neighbor Nancy Sullivan. Mark says,  “What makes Ohio Citizen Action effective is its strategic selection of topics to address and its ability to back its position with legislation, a legal standing, and sound logic.”