Ohio Citizen Action

Ohio Citizen Action extends it’s reach to all 33 Ohio state senate districts

Michael Steere, Katy Morford, Sarah Savron, Jessica Smith-Szabo, Briana Edgerton, Marlena Luikart, and Anastazia Vanisko re just some of the canvassers responsible for accomplishing the goal – congratulations!

CLEVELAND — This week, Ohio Citizen Action’s field canvass celebrates a great accomplishment – recruiting members from all 33 Ohio state senate districts.

The goal was set last November, after OCA Executive Director Rachael Belz testified in the senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee against extending the freeze on Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency standards. Her testimony referenced more than 20,000 signatures collected by field canvassers in favor of expediting Ohio’s transition to renewable energy use and greater efficiency. Committee Chair Troy Balderson (R-Zanesville) inquired how many of the signatures came from his Appalachian Ohio district. The answer was none. Senator Balderson pointed out an important lapse that the group took seriously and thanks to him, and their own perseverance and ingenuity, the error has now been corrected.

Now all of Ohio’s state senators will hear from pro-clean energy constituents on issues such as gutting state energy efficiency and renewable energy standards, coal and nuclear plant bailouts and fixing wind setback rules to restart new in-state wind project development.

— Melissa English, Development Director, Ohio Citizen Action