Ohio Citizen Action

Ohio Citizen Action may take Bay Village to court over restrictions on solicitors

The earlier deadlines would make it difficult or impossible for Ohio Citizen Action to contact most people who work during the day.

BAY VILLAGE — “The city, which previously imposed a 9 p.m. cutoff, this summer moved the deadline up to 8 p.m. or sunset, whichever occurs first. In addition, it eliminated Sunday hours for soliciting and established licensing requirements for most solicitors.

Ohio Citizen Action, an environmental advocacy group that practices what it calls “door-to-door democracy,” recently notified the city it believes Bay Village’s new restrictions are unconstitutional, infringing on free speech.

“The main thing we would like them to do is respect the First Amendment rights of Ohio Citizen Action and its citizens,” said Daniel Kobil, a law professor at Capital University Law School in Columbus and an attorney for Citizen Action. “The ordinance it has now is violating everyone’s First Amendment rights — speakers, willing listeners and so on.”

Ohio Citizen Action wants Bay Village to go back to the 9 p.m. curfew and eliminate the licensing requirement, Kobil said.”

— Bruce Gieselman, Sun News

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