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Ohio Citizen Action releases new ‘Coal Ash in Ohio’ video

CINCINNATI — Today Ohio Citizen Action released an 8-minute video entitled “Coal Ash in Ohio” to highlight the problems and risks of toxic coal ash waste in Ohio. Coal ash is not currently regulated and Ohio is one of 29 states that does not require coal ash landfills and wet ponds to be monitored. Coal ash is disposed of in landfills and wet ponds, and some of the coal ash waste is used in consumer products ranging from bowling balls and building products to cosmetics and toothpaste.

The USEPA has announced two competing proposed regulations to begin regulating coal ash. The federal comment period for the proposed regulations runs through November 19, 2010 and citizens are urged to learn more about toxic coal ash, attend one of the seven public hearings that run August 30-September 28 and make citizen comments about coal ash to the USEPA.

— Rachael Belz, Coal Program Organizer, Ohio Citizen Action

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Special thanks to SouthWings for the flyover. Funding provided by the REAMP Media Fund.