Baard Energy / Coal

Ohio Citizen Action writes Columbiana Chambers of Commerce members about proposed Baard Energy coal refinery

COLUMBUS — . . . Baard Energy’s inability to control costs may help explain why they have had difficulty finding investors. This leads to the final questions. Does the refinery project really exist at this point? Baard Energy said it began developing the project in 2003, and now seven years later, what is the status of it? This Tuesday, I asked an official at one of the largest airlines in the country whether Baard Energy was attempting to negotiate a contract to sell Baard jet fuel to them. He told me that two years ago, Baard Energy made a presentation at a meeting to discuss jet fuel quality and standards, and spoke with a couple of airline carriers. No one, he said, had heard from Baard after that. He said they were all under the assumption that Baard had gone out of business. Under the circumstances, why should local, state, or federal taxpayers be asked for further subsidies for Mr. Baardson?

Kate Russell, Organizer, Ohio Citizen Action

Wilson to speak at chamber luncheon

WELLSVILLE — “Congressman Charlie Wilson will be visiting the village April 9, and the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting a special luncheon with him as guest speaker. . . . [Chamber President Randy] Allmon said Wilson will offer an update on the Baard Energy project as well as a talk on economic development.”

— Jo Ann Bobby Gilbert, East Liverpool Review