Good Neighbor Campaigns

Ohio Citizen Action’s Melissa English presents Rumpke expansion alternative to North Avondale Neighborhood Association

CINCINNATI — On Tuesday, February 8, members of the North Avondale Neighborhood Association participated in a discussion about alternatives to Rumpke’s proposed 350-acre expansion of its flagship landfill in Colerain Township. I presented findings and recommendations from the report Ohio Citizen Action co-wrote with neighbors of the landfill.

Residents of this diverse, vibrant and environmentally-conscious community asked questions about the status of Cincinnati’s new and improved curbside recycling program and how the city might transition to a zero-waste approach, maximizing diversion of waste from the landfill. People also raised questions about what city and county leaders are doing to promote composting of food and yard waste, especially now that the City of Cincinnati has cut curbside yard waste collection for 2011.

Melissa English, Southern Ohio Campaign Director, Ohio Citizen Action